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With minimally invasive PDO threads, improve your customer comfort and get less bruising.
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3 Year Warranty

All of our products come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.
We are confident that all cannulas that are shipped are 100% safe to use.
5-bevel tip needle is special design for all sharp needle threads. The two additional bevels create a flatter & thinner surface that make the injection process less painful.
The L-type design ensures insert to skin smoothly, reduce pain and swelling.
Also for avoid the suture will be cut off.
Bullet cannula tip is specially designed for our blunt cannula cog thread.
It's smooth and easy to insert, won't break capillaries, avoid blood bleeding and bruise.
Clean and smooth needle wall was made by Germany imported machine.
No burr on the tube wall, reduce the risks of swelling, allergic and inflammation.
Yastrid barbed threads are strong enough for lifting.
It can afford 5.8N at most, easy to get a better lifting effect.
We make smooth and long barb on each cog thread suture, ensures a good lifting tensile that leads to amazing effect.
Yastrid threads are made of pure medical grad PP material.
No peculiar smell, much more safer.
The thickness of Yastrid foil bag is 0.324mm, durable enough to prevent moisture and humidity and makes thread shelf life longer.

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Yastrid's range of PDO Threads are manufactured by industry leaders and are of the highest quality.

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"I absolutely love the cannulas - I’ve been doing a lot of under eye PRP with the 27G. Very good quality and performance"

Carlos Espinola

"I use the 27G cannulas for PRP treatments in the upper lips and lower lids in order to prevent hematomas. Your cannulas are amazing 10/10, thank you so much."

Michelle Mc Neil

"The cannulas are wonderful addition to my practice. They are easy to use, good quality and I appreciate how and mark to indicate where the opening is, was added. I will continue to order them."

Elena Markarenko

"Perfect types and size for our treatments. We are going to order of those in the future, once we run out of the cannulas we have now."

Dinh Ngocc Duc

"Thank you for much great service with our first time order. The cannulas arrived, much quicker than we anticipated. And the quality is excellent. We will surely look around at your other products offered."

Santos Bladimir

"The cannulas are perfect and as expected. Very good manufacturing keep up the good work."

Keisha Stephenson


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